About Us

The Paragon Consulting Group is a Colorado registered Training and Consulting Company that is committed to help organizations meet their stated needs, goals and aspirations.

In a business environment in which no organization can boast about its constancy, sameness or status quo compared to fifteen years ago, we focus our work upon how organizations and their work forces can keep up with the incessant and often disorienting changes around them.  Our main research, training and development foci are:

  • Strategic Planning’- In Turbulent Times
  • Leadership Development’ 1-0, 2.0
  • Performance Management’What gets measured gets done
  • Succession Planning Planning for seamless continuity.
  • Motivation 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 – Motivation beyond ‘carrots and sticks’.
  • Building and Managing High Performance Teams’
  • Management 1.0, 2.0’Getting work done through others
  • Change Management’Developing Organizational Adaptability
  • Communication’: The workhorse of an organization.
  • Personal Effectiveness Coaching’Walking the Talk
  • ‘Games’ - for Fun, Skill Development and Organizational Development.

We currently deploy our faculty to projects in Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East and continue to find unsolicited new- and return business because of our commitment to results, not just process and content. Our international and geographically dispersed network of trainers, coaches and consultants form a virtual organization of the highest caliber and greatest flexibility.

The diversity of skills, competencies, style and experience in our cadre of trainers ensures that we can match the varied needs of clients here and abroad. We pride ourselves not just to meet our client’s expectations, but to consistently exceed them.  Our capacity to grow or shrink as an organization resides in the virtual nature with which we organize, thus being able to adjust size and composition of our bench to meet the needs of the client while keeping the cost of our services reasonably low.

Let us know about your needs and aspirations. We will be excited to help you achieve your goals!

Horst Abraham -Managing Partner

Paragon Consulting Group

* A Colorado Registered Corporation, since 1984 – Insured by State Farm Insurance Corp.

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